Sigma-Nip Unit
Single Sigma-Nip® Sensor

Sensor Technology Resistive Ink
Active Sensor Area 8.4 in. (21.3 cm)
Sensor Thickness 15 mils (0.381 mm)
Usable Temp. Range 0°F to 250°F (-17.7°C to 121°C)
Resolution 0.05 in. (0.113 cm)
Nip Width Range 0.15 in. to 8.4 in.(0.38 cm to 21.3 cm)
Min. Pressure 40 PSI (2.8 kg/cm ²
Max. Pressure 10,000 PSI (703 kg/cm²)
Max. Exposure Range 300 Sec
Cycle Speed 1 FPS
Accuracy ±6%
Repeatability ± 98%
Compatibility Windows® 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7
Substrate Material PET
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Sigma-Nip® Static, Electronic, Real-time Nip Impression System

Sigma-Nip® - an electronic nip analysis system, calculates and records nip width at multiple points across your rollers face length in real-time with unprecedented speed, accuracy and repeatability. The new Sigma-Nip® system is not only more accurate, but can handle higher pressures than ever previously attainable.

Sigma-Nip® presents a revolution in quality control. Now, for the first time ever the technician is able to accurately, efficiently and economically measure roller profiles and alignment condition. Sigma-Nip® consists of a series of thin-film resistive ink pressure transducers on a carrier sheet. As this carrier sheet is loaded in between your rollers the Windows based software assimilates the readings into easily interpretable graphical images - all in real-time.

What is Sigma-Nip®

Sigma-Nip® consists of a series of sensor elements that are placed in between two contacting rollers. Immediately upon closing of rolls, the sensor begins recording precise nip width measurements allowing you to instantaneously determine whether your rollers are aligned properly and are squeezing together sufficiently. Sigma-Nip® is a real-time system. What that means is that your roller adjustments can be made WHILE the sensor is actually in the closed (non-rotating) nip. This allows for unprecedented flexibility and speed.

Designed For Productivity

Sigma-Nip® comes complete with everything you need to quickly and accurately take nip impressions. Sigma-Nip® is designed with the intention of being used during routine maintenance or set up and is quickly disposed across the roller surface by just one person. The system is modular and portable and quickly interfaces to the USB port on any standard Windows laptop.


Proper roller alignment and pressure level are critical for both print clarity and web control. An evenly loaded roller set is much less likely to cause costly web breaks and sheet "walking", wrinkles, or fold-overs. Simply by virtue of routine tests, Sigma-Nip® allows the user to greatly extend blanket life.

Sigma-Nip® Technology

Through the application of sophisticated mathematical algorithms, Sigma-Nip® is able to discern the contact profile of the machine’s cross direction with a higher degree of accuracy never before attainable. Each sensor is individually calibrated, serialized and carefully assembled to exacting tolerances. The sensor is designed to withstand repeated high pressures, conform to radiused surfaces and routine exposure to grease, liquids and inks.