Nip Pressure Indicating Sensor Film
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Fujifilm Prescale® - Nip Pressure Indicating Sensor Film

Fujifilm Prescale® - Tactile surface pressure indicating film is a unique, affordable and easy to use tool that reveals the distribution and magnitude of pressure between any two mating rolls whether rubber, steel or composite.

Fujifilm Prescale® is a mylar based film that contains a layer of tiny microcapsules. The application of force upon the film causes the microcapsules to rupture, producing an instantaneous and permanent high resolution “topographical” image of pressure variation across the contact area.

Simply place the Fujifilm Prescale® tactile surface pressure indicating film between any two roller surfaces that touch, mate or impact. Apply pressure, remove it and immediately the film reveals the pressure distribution profile that occurred between the two rollers. Conceptually similar to Litmus paper, the color intensity of the film is directly related to the amount of pressure applied to it. The greater the pressure, the more intense the color.

The pip pressure indicating sensor film is extremely thin (4 to 8 mils) which enables it to conform to curved surface of your rollers. It is ideal for invasive intolerant environments and tight spaces not accessible to conventional electronic transducers.

Have you ever needed to evaluate pressure or force between two touching or mating surfaces? Previously, your only alternatives were strain gauges and load cells, that are both time consuming and difficult to interface. Now with the advent of our disposable one-time use pressure film, evaluating surface contact pressure distribution and magnitude is accurate, quick and highly economical.

Physical Specifications
Temperature Range* 41 - 95°F (5-35°C)
Humidity Range 20% - 90% RH
Gauge 4, 8, or 20 mils (0.1, 0.2, or 0.5 mm)
Spatial Resolution 5 - 15 microns)
Substrate Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
Accuracy ±10% visual, ±2% utilizing optional optical measurement systems
Shelf Life 2 years
*Higher for brief exposure. MSDS available upon request.

7 Sensitivities To Accommodate A Wide Range Of Pressures
Film Type Pressure Range
Extreme Low 7.2 - 28 PSI (0.5 - 2 kg/cm²)
Ultra Low 28-85 PSI (2 - 6 kg/cm²)
Super Low 70 - 350 PSI (5 - 25 kg/cm²)
Low 350 - 1,400 PSI (25 - 100 kg/cm²)
Medium 1,4000 - 7,100 PSI (100 - 500 kg/cm²)
High 7,100 - 18,500 PSI (500 - 1,300 kg/cm²)
Super High 18,500 - 43,200 PSI (1,300 - 3,000 kg/cm²)

Sensor Products, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Fujifilm Prescale®,, in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean only.